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Thank you for supporting the Every Bottle Back initiative! Click on the images below to download and share your support for the Every Bottle Back initiative on social media.

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #EveryBottleBack, #FLaBev and #Sustainability


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 FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Join 1200x675  FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Join 1200x1200
FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Recycle 1200x675 FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Recycle 1200x1200
 FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Support 1200x675  FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Support 1200x1200
 FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Sustainable 1200x675  FLBevAssn EBBSocialMediaToolkitPosts Sustainable 1200x1200