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  1. Denver-based CarryOn has launched sparkling CBD waters as well as a brand mission to normalize the pursuit of mental wellbeing.

  2. Seagram’s Vodka, a division of Infinium Spirits, has reformulated its Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka.

  3. Proprietor August Sebastiani debuted a reserve line of Gehricke Wines through its first direct-to-consumer (DTC) program, featuring three small production, single vineyard wines from top sites in Sonoma County.

  4. Cativa launched Balance CBD Infused Tea, a THC-free blend of hibiscus blossoms with hints of fruit such as apple, papaya and elderberries.

  5. Although worldwide beverage alcohol volume increased slightly in 2019, reversing declines from the year prior, it will be five years before the global industry rebounds from the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, according to comprehensive new research from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

  6. ReHARVEST Provisions has launched ReBLEND, a new line of frozen wellness shot pops.

  7. As the ELD mandate took effect in late 2019, beverage distributors were quick to adopt telematics solutions, which have seen benefits go beyond compliance.
  8. A surge in ketogenic diets and sugar reduction due to consumers’ increased health-consciousness is impacting demand for hydrocolloids often used to enhance the quality and functionality of beverages.
  9. According to London-based Future Market Insights, floral flavors surpassed global market revenues of $850 million in 2019. Whether its floral, fruity, savory, sweet or tarty, beverage-makers are getting adventurous with flavor selections.
  10. The domino effect in the beverage supply chain showcases the importance of inventory maintenance to keep product on the shelf.

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