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Every Bottle Back is an integrated and comprehensive initiative by America’s leading beverage companies – The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig, Dr Pepper, and PepsiCo – alongside sustainability leaders World Wildlife Fund, Closed Loop Partners, and the Recycling Partnership to improve recycling of beverage containers and reduce the use of new plastic.

every bottle back org2The Every Bottle Back initiative aims to reclaim beverage containers, including our plastic bottles and aluminum cans, so they can be remade into beverage containers and not end up as waste on our beaches, oceans, waterways, or landfills. We are doing this by educating consumers, reinforcing the value of our 100% recyclable bottles, cans, and caps to consumers, and making significant investments to support the circular plastics economy. The initiative is working to improve the collection of our plastic bottles and aluminum cans, as well as increase the amount of recycled plastic available to be remade into beverage bottles.

We are partnering with local governments, national organizations, and community leaders to ensure our investments meet the needs of each community. Join us as an Every Bottle Back Partner by endorsing this initiative, signing a letter of support or educating your community about recycling efforts. Together, we are working to get Every Bottle Back.

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To learn more about how the Every Bottle Back Initiative is making an impact across the nation, visit


We Are Making 100 Percent Recyclable Bottles and We Want Them Back

Watch below to learn how our carefully designed plastic bottles are being reused in many ways to help limit the use of new plastic.

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