Keep it Simple—Keep Hydrated!

Stay hydrated

What’s not to love about the summertime? From beaches to barbeques, from swimming to surfing, from cruisin’ to camping out, summer is the time of year to get out of doors and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

Along with sunshine and fun, however, comes an increased need for all of us to hydrate. Whether we’re enjoying a casual stroll on the boardwalk or enjoying a game of beach volleyball with friends, our bodies rely upon proper hydration to keep us moving during the months of summer heat.

Our family at the Florida Beverage Association (FBA) and our dedicated partners want you to help you make staying hydrated one of summer’s simplest obligation—and a delicious one at that!

Hydration 101

We all know the indisputable benefits of drinking water. Research studies by Harvard University suggest that drinking an adequate amount of daily H20 can help to regulate your body temperature in the summer heat, aid in normalizing blood pressure and help to maintain healthy digestive and urinary tracts. While you’re enjoying that summer vacation stop or celebrating the perfect day at the beach, keeping a supply of bottled water for you and your friends can mean the difference between feeling your best—or having to cut the fun short.

PepsiCco makes it easy! Every bottle of purified LIFEWTR is pH balanced with electrolytes: the perfect combination of water’s natural hydrating power AND an extra burst of flavor. Keeping it casual? Pack a few bottles of Aquafina on ice to keep your crew hydrating all day long!

Every drink of smartwater from The Coca-Cola Company offers a vapor-distilled, electrolyte-packed weapon against dehydration. Whether your thirst calls for the classic taste of H20 or one of smartwater’s variety of flavor infusions, hydration is an easy choice for you this summer. Want to add a little zing to your hydration regimen? Aha drinks bring you a sparkling water option, complete with a caffeinated pick-me-up. As it turns out, hydrating never needs to stop your fun.

Electrolytes and minerals team up in each drink of Core Hydration, the balanced pH purified option from Keurig Dr. Pepper’s family of beverages. Core targets not only your body’s hydration needs but also helps to keep your energy level high during the busy summer’s daily demands.

Variety is the spice of—hydration!

Need more options for your cooler? No problem! FBA’s members don’t stop at water when it comes to effective, tasty hydration options this summer:

Keep the hydration high and electrolytes flowing with Powerade or pack a day’s supply of Vitamin Water for that trip to the beach, all courtesy of our friends at The Coca-Cola Company. You can’t go wrong with a cold bottle of Gold Peak tea, another flavorful thirst quencher to boost your hydrating efforts.

Did you know that carbonated beverages can represent a healthy portion of your daily hydration? Keurig Dr. Pepper offers Canada Dry and Schweppes drink varieties to aid your quest to stay hydrated. Want a break from the fizz? Grab one of many varieties of Snapple—we particularly recommend a cool, refreshing lemon iced tea between hikes or after an active morning on the beach.

You can’t beat a classic, and a cold bottle of Gatorade or Gatorade Zero puts a flavorful, electrolyte-filled option in your fridge or in your cooler. PepsiCco knows that when you’re out on the boat, camping at the lake, or competing on an outdoor court, Gatorade’s flavor varieties can add even more to your hydration experience. In the mood for iced tea instead? Reach for Pure Leaf traditional or Cold Brew options.

Keep it simple—keep hydrated!

The bottom line is easy: keep stocked with the hydrating, tasty high-quality beverage options. Pack a cooler, call the neighbors, and enjoy the best this summer can offer!

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