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  1. Hella Cocktail Co. expanded its Bitters & Soda line with the launch of three new flavors: Ginger Turmeric, Grapefruit and Lemon Lime.

  2. The “1796 Virtual Holiday Speakeasy” gives consumers the opportunity to attend a virtual cocktail class from November through January. 

  3. In the beverage market, the ascension of health and wellness is elevating ingredients like tea, which are touted for their healthy product attributes.
  4. Impact Solutions Inc. is celebrating a rebranding to Kelly Anderson Group.  The name change consolidates the six current Impact divisions, which help transportation companies Find, Recruit, Retain, Train and Manage Drivers and Staff.

  5. Troop Beverage Co. released a self-titled line of canned cocktails.

  6. Already on the rise, eCommerce purchasing is proliferating during the pandemic. The beverage market has pulled ahead as an emerging leader as alcohol brands embrace online platfoms.
  7. Boulder, Colo.-based Coconut Cloud, a woman-owned business specializing in coconut-based, dairy-free products, announced the release of six new products to its portfolio.

  8. Stone Brewing, Escondido, Calif., launched Stone Features & Benefits IPA, a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, gluten-reduced and low alcohol-by-volume beer.

  9. Diageo plc, London, announced a range of 25 goals in its Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan, which is designed to make a positive impact on the world by 2030, in the Decade of Action to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  10. Evolution Fresh, a brand of Starbucks Corp., released Organic Cucumber Glow, a blend of cucumber juice and lemon juice with a hint of tartness, the company says.

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