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  1. Available for Android smartphones, tablets or warehouse management system (WMS) terminals, the app allows users to control forklift access, perform safety checklists, monitor vehicle impacts and manage forklift fleet data, the company says.
  2. Tank Garage Winery launched its latest wine blend: Lovers, Dreamers, Fighters & Believers. 

  3. As consumers’ beverage choices have shifted, the carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market has taken the one of the largest hits.
  4. Ice Age Glacial Water launched its self-titled line of ultra-pure bottled water. 

  5. Eye-catching, protective and sustainable materials are all attributes helping to drive numerous primary packaging markets.
  6. The program’s expansion is designed to help Isuzu dealers and customers have a wider selection of bodies from which to choose, the company says.
  7. With the product now available in cans, current and prospective Paulaner fans can now drink a real Bavarian brew in places that may restrict glass bottles.
  8. Bacardi introduced its latest rum flavor: Lime.

  9. The product’s capsule design, which debuted at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, not only makes wine easier to open but preserves the time-honored traditions that are important to discriminating aficionados, it adds.
  10. The TriVex RL is a pick-and-place packer for loading bags, bottles and more, while the TriVex SL case packs bags and pouches into retail- and shelf-ready cases without vacuum picking.

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