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  1. An event for beverage warehousing and distribution professionals, the BevOps Fleet Summit will take place March 19-21 at the M Resort Spa & Casino in Henderson, Nev. The three-day conference will address the business challenges and industry trends of today’s beverage marketplace and how operators can prepare for what’s next.
  2. Community Coffee Co. launched its latest product: Community Coffee Private Reserve Single-Serve. 

  3. To keep up with burgeoning stock, warehouse experts are “looking up” and strategizing storage solutions that deal with decreased high-moving SKUs and the challenges of “long tail” slow-moving products.
  4. Only What You Need, Inc. launched its self-titled acronym beverage line: OWYN.

  5. Beverage ingredient suppliers are collaborating with other companies as a way to expand their distribution reach and develop new products.
  6. The on-trend sweetener is 70 percent as sweet as sugar and helps manufacturers reduce sucrose in their recipes and develop reduced-calorie food and beverages to meet growing consumer demand, the companies say.
  7. PepsiCo launched Hello Goodness, a fleet of self-driving robots that contain snacks and beverages for college students. Rapper Pusha-T and 1800 Tequila launched a new recording and artist discovery platform. Pizza Hut announced it will continue to expand its category-first beer delivery program.
  8. As sour profiles continue to become more popular in the beverage world, it will be interesting to see whether more craft brewers will hop on board the sour flavor train.
  9. Heineken announced its new MLS slogan, FIJI Water brand ambassador becomes viral sensation and SAMBAZON launched its tropical immunity smoothie line.

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