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  1. Starbucks Corp., Seattle, reported financial results for its 13-week fiscal fourth quarter and 52-week year, which ended Sept. 30.
  2. The THA240 inline automated applicator applies handles to four-packs or six-packs at a rate of 10 cases a minute.
  3. The new bottle was designed to distinguish itself from other premium brands while simultaneously paying tribute to Pickers’ hometown of Nashville and the musicians whose sounds fill the air.
  4. Vino dei Fratelli, which translates to “Wine of the Brothers,” features a new label that was inspired by the image on an ancient Roman coin of the famous brothers Castor and Pollux who, together, symbolize the ideal of brotherly love, the company says.
  5. The gift-ready set includes a bottle of the 2016 Cooper & Thief Red Wine Blend, two festive Cooper & Thief based cocktail recipes, and two whiskey glasses all ready for upcoming holiday enjoyment.
  6. The new Risata 187-ml packaging features Moscato d’Asti’s award-winning sparkling wine in an elegant-yet-sleek design with a stelvin closure that gives consumers a touch of luxury while eliminating waste and the need for a corkscrew, the company says.
  7. Among the changes, the new design puts the Reed’s name front and center, more clearly highlighting the levels of ginger intensity in each of the three varieties (Original, Extra and Strongest), while maintaining the bold, island-inspired theme that helped establish the brand as America’s No. 1 selling ginger beer, the company says.
  8. The pack is wrapped in sleek black leather, embossed with both brand’s joint logo, and includes one 750-ml bottle of the American-made spiced rum that is blended with spices including ginger, cinnamon, clove and vanilla.
  9. The limited-edition holiday 12-pack contains four varieties in one box and features two exclusives, Sixty One and Viniferous IPA, along with 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minute Imperial IPA, the company says.
  10. In time for the holidays, beverage companies announced limited-edition packaging releases as well as brand refreshes.

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