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  1. One diet trend that has gained traction with consumers lately has been ketogenic diets, a plan in which consumers reduce carbohydrate intake along with increasing fat content in their diet.
  2. One of the ways in which consumers are finding a way to incorporate healthy convenience is through the use of antioxidants.
  3. A new category of functional beverages, Goldthread contains 14,000 mg of super herbs, spices and adaptogens synergistically sourced from around the world.

  4. The new cans are made possible thanks to a new CFT rotary canning line in Urban South’s packaging department, which allows the canning equipment to easily switch between filling cans of different sizes.
  5. MTN DEW, a brand of PepsiCo, introduces MTN DEW Zero Sugar, a new product that offers all the bold charge and flavor of the original MTN DEW, without any sugar, the company says.

  6. A new collaboration between Blue Pacific Flavors, City of Industry, Calif., and McCormick & Co., Baltimore, will market non-GMO, natural flavors with FlavorCell, a technology of McCormick’s Flavor Solutions business segment, to provide high-impact, encapsulated flavor delivery in powdered beverages, confectionery and bakery products.

  7. JNSQ release ROSÉ CRU, a varietal comprised of 52 percent Grenache, 21 percent Pinot Gris, 20 percent Syrah and 7 percent Viognier.

  8. The compact monobloc filler rinses, fills and caps products within a small production footprint and saves time during filling and format changeovers.
  9. With beverage-makers increasingly seeking ingredients that deliver a specific function, the functional beverage market is addressing a wide range of product attributes, experts note.
  10. The revisions to the transaction are to address competitive concerns raised by the FTC primarily related to the sparkling wine, brandy, dessert wine and concentrate categories.

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