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  1. A common theme within the global company is progressiveness and this year, HEINEKEN USA did what it does best by creating two never-before-seen products, the BLADE and Home Tap.
  2. Known for its world-class workforce and friendly regulatory environment, North Carolina has long been an agricultural and food manufacturing behemoth. But as the craft beer industry continues to gain steam, the state’s reputation has shifted to include high-volume, quality beer production in its already impressive offering.

  3. The seal, showcasing an upside-down beer bottle with “Independent Craft” reversed out of white, was prominently displayed on signage and marketed during keynote presentations during the record-breaking CBC that attracted nearly 13,000 attendees.
  4. The collaborative robot is designed for low-speed applications and to help companies embrace Industry 4.0 opportunities.
  5. Designed as a hygienic go-to transmitter for food, beverage and dairy applications with pressure and/or vacuum conditions in the head space of the vessel, the D3 provides accurate, reliable and repeatable best-inclass temperature performance, the company says.

  6. The machine creates a new paradigm for versioning and customization in digital pre-print for a full range of customer needs, from specialty versions to everyday large runs and beyond.
  7. Van der Graaf announced it will soon release a new Intelligent Drum Motor (IDM) technology which is designed to deliver high continuous torque profile, full speed and indexing control, and significant energy-efficiency gains over traditional induction motors.
  8. The compact, economical and simple-to-operate machine is 100 percent servo controlled and is ideal for pilot plants to establish filling characteristics, test market samples and in-plant production runs, the company says.
  9. Designed for cartons of all formats and sizes from 28- to 35-mm, the ELC eliminates the pull ring in favor of a drop-down tamper band, providing visual, audible and tactile tamper evidence.
  10. I have told many how much I believed that Susan was one of, if not the best, leaders among trade associations.

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