FBA President Elizabeth DeWitt is Appointed as Chair of the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation

flabev blog imageThe Florida Beverage Association (FBA) is thrilled to announce that President and CEO Elizabeth DeWitt has recently been appointed as Chair of the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation (FRP).

“We are so excited about Elizabeth taking on this role,” says Keyna Cory, Executive Director of the FRP Foundation. “Her work with FBA and FRP will further our mission of educating businesses and community members on the importance of recycling.” As a nonprofit foundation that is focused primarily on developing and adopting sustainable business practices, the Florida Recycling Partnership allows FBA to connect with diverse organizations from across the state on projects that serve community members while also encouraging environmental sustainability.

According to DeWitt, the opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations is part of what sets this partnership apart. DeWitt states, "I think one of the most beneficial things about the Recycling Partnership is the opportunity to connect with people from different industries and exchange ideas on how to improve recycling." DeWitt continues, "Our educational programs encourage people to think outside the box when they are trying to find solutions to create closed-loop systems. At the same time, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to educate the community on the importance of recycling while also finding ways to make recycling easier."

What is the Florida Recycling Partnership?

The Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation is a coalition of companies with a mission to educate policymakers, business leaders, and community members about the benefits of recycling and how they can be part of the solution. In addition, the foundation works to develop sustainable business practices that promote recycling while also researching reducing and reusing resources wherever possible.

Why is This Partnership Important?

The Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation makes it easier for those in the industry to connect and learn about best recycling practices, such as the 100% recyclability of PET bottles, how recycling helps conserve energy, generate income, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and more. By working with leaders in the industry, this partnership helps break down recycling into easy-to-understand terms that help teach consumers and companies how they can impact their community.

What Initiatives are Currently in Place to Improve Recycling?

The Florida Beverage Association is committed to helping Floridians recycle more by emphasizing environmental responsibility, innovation, and investment in local communities. Our work with the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation helps to promote initiatives focused on reducing the carbon footprint and conserving resources, such as Every Bottle Back and public space recycling access.

FBA member Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, is working toward a world without waste through sustainability grants, community education and outreach, implementing Reverse Vending Machines, and much more.

"We work closely with community partners across the state that share the common goal to keep Florida pristine and, in turn, make a greater local impact," explains Erin Black, Vice President of Risk Management and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Beverages Florida. "The Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation furthers our efforts by providing education on the importance of recycling, working with local partners to advance recycling infrastructure and educating Floridians on our Zero Waste to Landfill practices. We believe that through this partnership, we are one step closer to a cleaner and greener earth for all."

FBA member Keurig Dr Pepper’s sustainability initiatives focus on four main catalysts for change including, the environment, supply chain, health and well-being, and people and communities. They are currently collaborating on recycling efforts that help improve recycling access of polypropylene or No.5 plastic, as well as consumer education.

“Sustainability is something that affects all of us,” says Charlie Schwarze, Director of Sustainability at Keurig Dr Pepper. “That’s why Keurig Dr Pepper is committed to a circular future in which our packaging is recycled or repurposed to remain in use and out of the environment. Through community partnerships and industry collaborations, we are working to drive a greater collective impact than any one organization could do alone.”

Another FBA member, PepsiCo, is on a mission to achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill ratio by building recycling infrastructure in communities where there is not one present, working on groundbreaking innovations such as the world's first 100% recyclable paper bottle and embedding a culture of recycling throughout the company.

"We're on a mission to change the world," says Steve Lezman, Senior Director of Government Affairs, at PepsiCo. "We've implemented environmentally sustainable practices throughout our company to change the path of our industry for the better. We hope that these changes will inspire positive change for people and the planet."

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To learn more about the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation, visit HERE.

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