It's Fun to Recycle

Let’s talk trash. Ok, actually, let’s talk how to have less trash. Yes, let’s talk recycling.

fun recyclingWe know that there is so much confusion about recycling as a consumer. From what and when to how.

But recycling is an effective way to support our overall environmental initiatives, and there are some facts and fun ideas to keep recycling a part of your everyday life.

So, the first question you are probably asking is, “How do I recycle my plastic beverage bottle?”

This one is easy. The easiest way to recycle a plastic PET beverage bottle is to empty, rinse and put the cap back on. That’s right. Throw the entire bottle, including the cap in your recycling. Our plastic bottles are made to be remade. We are carefully designing them to be 100% recyclable – even the caps. Many consumers do not realize that the cap is recyclable and to leave the cap on the bottle. Why? Because caps can get caught in recycling sorting machines. So, the next time just remember to put the cap back on and then toss it in your bin.

Our goal is for every bottle to become a new bottle, and not end up in oceans, rivers, beaches, and landfills. And that means we are using less new plastic. Here are some fun facts about recycling PET plastic bottles:

  • Recycling ten plastic bottles saves enough energy to run a laptop for 25 hours. (
  • Recycling a ton of material supports 10 times as many jobs as throwing it in a landfill.
  • Recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves the equivalent energy usage of a two-person household for one year.
  • Recycling generates income to keep down local recycling costs.

Want to make recycling a fun project for the entire family? Here are some things to try.

  • Talk about it. Make sure everyone knows why it is important as well as how to recycle. Find and share fun facts that will have everyone saying “wow, I didn’t know that.”
  • Get creative. Ask everyone to provide one idea on how they can recycle in the home. This could be from reusing a plastic bottle for a craft project, to how you design your in-home recycling center.
  • Make it fun! Recycling shouldn’t be just another chore in the house. Set up separate bins for each family member and see who fills theirs first. Host a trivia night all about recycling and see who knows the most. The more fun you have the more everyone will want to take part.

Recycling is all about partnership and we want to partner with you to make a huge impact. The more we work together and tell others, the more bottles will be recycled and stay out of our landfills.

Just as the caterpillar knew it had a transformation in its future, so too do our bottles. And that transformation ensures a brighter tomorrow for our planet.

So, remember – Rinse, Cap, Throw!

See you again soon beverage bottles!


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