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  1. Sojo Industries recently launched a track and trace platform for food and beverage brands.

  2. Bandit Wines unveiled an augmented reality (AR) platform featuring a 360-degree video portal, an innovative step in consumer engagement.

  3. Under the leadership of entrepreneur Mahisha Dellinger, Huzzy Smart Sips unveiled its innovative line of non-alcohol beverages. 

  4. The new ZLS-T from Southworth is an extension of the popular ZLS line of floor height lifts. 

  5. Innovation Ventures LLC announced an update to its popular 5-hour ENERGY product line. The refresh features a bold redesign of its 16-ounce beverage, enhancements to classic fan favorite flavors and an introduction of two new flavors to the lineup.

  6. Two years following the announcement of its acquisition by Sapporo U.S.A., San Diego-based Sapporo-Stone Brewing unveiled the near completion of phase one of its expansion project at its Escondido brewery. 

  7. For beverage manufacturers looking to tackle the challenge of building a new facility, experts highlight the ins and outs of planning to get the job done, as well as current trends that are shaping the need to build or revamp a facility.

  8. Empress 1908 Gin, a brand of Milestone Brands, announced the U.S. launch of Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin. 

  9. Videojet Technologies launched the new Videojet 9560 PL pallet labeling system.

  10. Aiya Matcha, a family-owned pioneer of premium Japanese Matcha, announced the launch of its latest innovation: Sugar Free Sweetened Matcha To Go.

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