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When Summer Fun Can’t Wait—Hydrate!

Stay hydrated

Summer is here, and we’re all ready to enjoy the fun that the season offers, whether on the beach, at the park, or in our own backyards. It’s an important time for friends and family—and an equally important time to stay sufficiently hydrated. The great news is that America’s leading beverage companies are dedicated to offering you more high-quality, sugar-free options than ever in an effort to keep you happy and hydrated this summer.

A Growing Trend

Did you know that nearly 60 percent of beverage options sold today contain no sugar? It’s true, and the reason is you: the Florida Beverage Association (FBA) and its partners nationwide have heard the voices of our consumers, who continue to ask for zero-sugar beverage options in greater numbers than ever before.

H2O—And Much, Much More!

Staying hydrated this summer can be as basic—like the refreshing bottled water choices you have long enjoyed—or as flavorful—as in the zero-sugar soda and sports drink options—as you choose. Just take a look at the hydrating options to beat the heat this summer:

Coca-Cola Quenchers:

Whether your thirst demands a SmartWater or the sweeter experience of a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, this summer you’ll find ways to keep cool, and do so without all of the excess sugar. For you summer competitors at the beach, on the court, or enjoying any activity that works up a sweat, thirst quenchers like Powerade Zero and Vitamin Water provide another delicious pair of sugar-free hydration options.

Dr Pepper Takes On Summer Thirst:

Keurig Dr Pepper, makers of the Zero Sugar Dr Pepper and 7-Up options, know the value of helping you stay healthy and hydrated this season. The Bai line of antioxidant-infused beverages gives you a nutrient-packed summer drink selection, and the Snapple and Schweppes brands—long favorites with lovers of sweet refreshment—offer zero sugar options to consumers as well.

PepsiCo Pleasers:

While Aquafina stands as the bottled water choice for many of you, Gatorade Zero may well be the choice to follow your summer workout, or perhaps a Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea is what keeps your thirst at bay. Life Wtr stands on its own as a purified hydration option, and Zero Sugar versions of PepsiCo’s signature soft drinks—Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist, for example—make staying hydrated sweet and sugar-free in the same delicious sip.

A Simple Commitment

More Choices. Less Sugar. FBA believes that consumers deserve options that begin with their favorite beverage brands, flavors, and selections, but which also include zero sugar options. Your choice this summer should not be between good hydration and great taste—not when the nation’s leading beverage companies have committed to offering thirst-quenching soft drinks that also help you reduce your sugar intake.

Here's To A Healthy Summer

You deserve it. Quench your summer thirst with sugar-free options from your favorite beverage companies and let’s make this a tasty—and hydrated—season!

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