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Powerful Partnerships: Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

fun recyclingWe believe that partnerships are truly the key to impacting the change we want to see and are always looking for organizations whose work will complement our goals as an association.

The Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation is one such organization. With the mission to educate policymakers, business leaders, and the public on the benefits of recycling, the foundation is a coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to improving Florida’s recycling rates.

Through grants and research, the foundation engages with its member companies by hosting forums where they can learn and share best practices on recycling initiatives. The events are hosted in partnership with members at their location. They have found that by going to the members, they are able to have a more engaging dialogue and get to know the member company on a different level.

Member events are only one part of the education initiative at the Foundation. They are also focused on educating consumers on what companies are doing in our community and how they can be part of the recycling solution.

In speaking with Keyna Cory from the foundation, she explained that many consumers do not fully understand the impact recycling has on industry and how critical it is to the overall bottom line. “A lot of consumers do not realize how much companies count on recycling. So, we want to help get the word out and ensure that our members’ recycling programs are working for them.”

One way we partner with the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation is through our Every Bottle Back Program. The foundation is working to help us educate the community on why this program is so important and how to participate. An example is to ensure that consumers are aware that they should keep the cap on when recycling our bottles. We want the entire bottle back, and the Foundation is a great partner to help us get the word out.

Keyna points out that the key to success is making it easy and “helping consumers do what they need to do”.

Partnerships are critical as no one company can do it alone. The more we work together, the more solutions we can build to help make recycling second nature.

We want to thank Keyna Cory for her leadership and for the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation’s efforts to educate key stakeholders on the importance of recycling.

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