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It’s Summertime and Staying Hydrated is Easy!

We have all been waiting for summer to arrive for so many reasons. Whether it is the kids being out of school or taking that vacation you have been dreaming of for the past year, the fact that summer is here is something to celebrate.

Summertime Hydration BlogBut here in Florida, summer also means sunny, hot, and humid days. And aside from applying enough sunscreen, our focus also goes to keeping enough drinks around to keep everyone happy and hydrated.

We know we need to drink water, it’s the obvious choice, but we also all enjoy the “flavors of summer” that include juices, soda, sparkling waters, and all the other liquids that are not only refreshing but sweet. So how do you refresh your palette with a variety of choices while ensuring everyone is not getting too much sugar in a diet of summer sweet treats such as ice cream and more?

Take a walk down your local grocery store beverage aisle and we hope that you will be “sweetly” surprised. The beverage industry has continued its efforts to reduce sugar, offer a wider variety of lower sugar options, and clearly label products. From more assortments of flavored water, to lower sugar and even more no sugar added options, the beverage aisle is filled with a wealth of choices.

And consider these other suggestions to bring more “happy hydration” to your family:

  • Freezer Friendly – freeze your favorite flavored waters the night before your Florida beach trip and as it starts to thaw give it a shake to make your own on-the-go frosty drink.
  • Mix it up – add low calories juices to your favorite sparkling water to create low sugar mocktails.
  • Fruity delight– cut up some of your favorite summer fruits and add them to your water to “have your fruit and drink it too.”

Looking for more ways to help everyone not dread the “drink your water” reminder?

  • Purchase plain water bottles and have everyone decorate their own.
  • Have a family contest or challenge your neighbors to see who can drink the most water during an outing, a day, a week, etc.
  • Have a reward system and include yourself. Your kids will love seeing if they can keep you from getting the prize at the end of the week.
  • Include your work family! Host similar contests with your employees to help keep them hydrated and healthy.

And don’t forget to reuse or recycle your bottles. Use them for crafts, water bottles for your plants, noisemakers, and so much more. Your family can work together to create fun projects on a summer evening.

Have your own ideas to share? Please let us know in the comments along with some of your favorite summer drinks and continue to visit our website for more information on our Clear on Calories initiative:

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